Sony Ericsson has followed its fifth birthday and the announcement of bumper Q3 results with the opening of a retail outlet in central London and a flurry of marketing activity.
Sony Ericsson posted pretax earnings of e433m for Q3, up 187% on the same period last year, and profits of e222m, a hike of e282m compared with the same three-month period a year ago. It shipped 19.8m phones during the quarter, representing sales of e2,913m.
Sony Ericsson president Miles Flint said the company had the scope and ambition to establish itself as a global top-three player. “Our parents’ heritage had provided us with many things that no other player in the telecoms sector has – infrastructure and telecoms know-how from Ericsson, plus consumer electronics experience and entertainment properties from Sony … We will be an even more important force in the sector in the future.”
Sony Ericsson’s first dedicated store opens on Kensington High Street at the end of November and will be managed by Carphone Warehouse. “A dedicated store will give us the opportunity to interact directly with our customers and better understand their needs to create even more consumer-focused products in the future,” said Flint.
The store has 7,300 sq ft of retail space at floor level, and will feature specific areas to showcase the music, imaging and gaming capabilities of the devices. Sony Ericsson said it will be the first of several new store openings across major European cities.
And as another birthday present Sony Ericsson has given itself a new “engaging new brand treatment” courtesy of top brand design consultancy Wolff Olins.
Here’s the thinking according to Dee Dutta, head of marketing for Sony Ericsson: “Over the past five years our brand has become established in the minds of our consumers. Now it is time for us to appeal to both the minds and the hearts of consumers … It is vital that our brand stands out above others with energy, passion and excitement”.


Miles Flint, Sony Ericsson president: interacting directly with customers 

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