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Fizz Traveller

Fizz Traveller

Anyone who travels extensively – for business or pleasure – knows how difficult it is to keep up with time zones, itineraries, currencies and the like. Combine this with the wasted time spent waiting for delayed trains and planes and you can see why most people find travelling such a pain.

Fizz Traveller is a very neat application that provides you with everything you could possibly need to manage your travel plans and is packed full of useful information that you can personalise for your trip, including global weather reports and time zones, alarms and conversion tools.

Once you’ve installed the programme and set up your local city, the various applications can be accessed easily through touchscreen icons. The Now screen is the heart of the application and includes all of the most relevant tools – weather, time and date for your home city and any alarms you’ve set up.

I’ve taken a look at some of my favourite tools within the programme. The Meetings tool is really useful, as it enables you to quickly work out the various time zones for potential conference calls and meetings with colleagues in other countries, something that’s always a tricky task.

Weather information gives you everything you need to know and also provides two day or seven day forecasts for each selected city. This is complemented with satellite and radar pictures, to give you a complete picture for major


The travel tools form a great package. Airports provides an alphabetical list which can be sorted by name or code. Itinerary gives you a place to store details about upcoming trips, and the Packing page lets you create and check off items for your trip – useful if you’re one of those people who always forgets something essential. The Flights tool provides real time information about requested flights, including gate numbers and any announced delays. Ten flight requests are included, but then there’s an additional fee for further flights. I wasn’t able to test out the accuracy of the information as I had no flights planned, but this could be an excellent tool to give you early indications of any delays.

You can also personalise Traveller to suit your mood or to match the rest of your phone applications; it’s a nice touch, but I think the benefits of this programme really come from the huge amount of information you can get in an instant.

Traveller is a really excellent package; it’s very user friendly and it’s pretty much thought of everything you would need for a fuss-free journey.

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