Fone Logistics Goes on the Road

Fone Logistics’ conference and dealer event plans for 2006 include a series of workshops and seminars around the country.
The distributor intends to hold up to 10 events across the country between now and the end of the year, aiming to see upwards of 250 dealers in the process.

In past years Fone Logistics has opted to hold a single annual conference. But its recent Regionalisation programme gives its organisational units more autonomy and its dealers improved levels of contact and support. So Fone Logistics says it has opted instead to hold regional events with greater operational and strategic focus.

“We felt that the days of a single ‘bang the drum’ conference were past” said Julien Parven,Head of Marketing at Fone Logistics. “We wanted to spend the time, resources and money being more productive in understanding our dealers better and tackling real issues and challenges to help all parties generate more business.”

Details of events can be found on the Fone Logistics Dealer Access Portal by logging on to and clicking on the ‘Events’ tab.

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