Fun facts from Carphone

The latest bulletin from Carphone Warehouse’s Mobile Life research into the impact of mobile phones on our daily lives includes the usual mix of the unexpected and the obvious.

• One in three people would not give up their mobile phone for a million pounds or more (yeah right)

• 76% of people believe it is now a social requirement to have a mobile phone

• 85% of people think having a mobile phone is vital to maintaining their quality of life (but one in five 16-24 year olds think having a mobile phone decreases their quality of life)

• Most young adults feel mobiles are not just a tool, but a critical social lifeline for feeling part of a friendship group

• Most 16-24 year olds would rather give up alcohol, chocolate, sex, tea or coffee than live without their mobile phone for a month. But the majority of the those aged over 45 would rather give up sex, chocolate, alcohol and their mobile phone than their favourite hot drink

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