Fusion for business now has GSM plus WiFi

BT has extended its Fusion GSM/WiFi service to small businesses.
BT Fusion Wi-Fi for Business means customers can connect their handset… 
– a Nokia 6136 or a Motorola A910, with the Samsung P200 promised shortly – via a BT hub for cheap Internet calls over WiFi, with automatically switchover to the GSM network when they leave the office. If they find a BT Openzone Hotspot they get the cheap calls and fast connectivity with no extra charge.
The WiFi calls cost 5p to a fixed line, 15p to a BT mobile, and 25p to any other mobile; that buys up to one hour of talking. On GSM calls cost 25p, again for up to 60 minutes.
The service also provides free access to all the user’s fixed and mobile voice messages, stored in one place.
BT says that the service will start at £15 per month, handset included, if the customer adds Fusion Wi-Fi for Business to the BT Business One Plan (mobile, fixed and broadband in one package) – “allowing businesses to squeeze extra value from their existing BT broadband line”, as BT puts it.
The previous version of Fusion for business used Bluetooth.
WiFi obviously provides higher bandwidth, but it also allows for better range – and of course the 2,000 Openzone hotspots mean there’s more chance of accessing cheap calls when away from the office.
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