Getting Paid for Payments

Ahead of the Convergence Summit at Esher this October we are talking to a number of exhibitors about their plans for the show. Here we ask Cerri Killworth of NetPay Merchant Services, what we can expect to see at Sandown Park.

Comms Business Magazine (CBM): Why have you chosen to book a stand at the convergence Summit?

Cerri Killworth of NetPay Merchant Services (CK): It is a fantastic opportunity for us to showcase our capability to the telecoms channel with no other providers offering a true resale opportunity in the card payments industry in the way NetPay do successfully. It is accepted that the telecoms market is changing and providers look to a more ‘business services’ play than pure play voice or data, the summit seems to get bigger year on year and provides us with a great platform to showcase payments as an essential part of business services.  It’s great to be able to meet with resellers face to face to discuss opportunities and how we can help grow their business with a brand new revenue opportunity.

CBM: How important are channel resellers to your business?

CK: Channel resellers are key to our businesses growth and success. NetPay is exclusively focused on distributing our services through channel partnerships, we don’t deal direct and therefore it is essential our support is geared around making it work for our partners – if it doesn’t work for them it doesn’t work for us. We have focused on building a proposition that means we are working closely with our resellers to grow our respective customer bases and deliver upon the opportunities they are presented with.

CBM: Have you attended the summit before as an exhibitor and or visitor? 

CK: This will be our third Convergence Summit, we attended the Summit North in March and it was incredibly successful, a fantastic response and some brilliant opportunities. We have found the seminars interesting and informative giving us a good insight into issues that businesses are facing and how the industry is addressing them, our service is incredibly complementary even if it isn’t a straight telecoms service. The summit has proven to be a great platform to showcase our capability to the telecoms channel being ‘the’ reseller event. The conversations we have had and the relationships that we have built after these events are testament to the calibre of visitors the show attracts.

CBM: How can you work with us to ensure we get the right resellers visiting your stand?

CK: Every reseller that serves a business that takes payments is a potential opportunity for us, because without it they would not succeed, grow and prosper. Resellers can benefit too with the high margins and lucrative recurring revenue. Card payment services are a natural addition to any organisation that sells commodity services. It doesn’t matter what size the reseller organisation is we have a partnership proposition to suit every business.

We would like to work with Comms Business to highlight the success stories that we have had in the telecoms market and really showcase how organisations within this sector have benefitted from adding our service to their portfolio.

CBM: Will you be launching or announcing any new products, applications and services at the Summit?

CK: NetPay will be running a ‘Bring a Bill’ campaign at the show to demonstrate the opportunity resellers have by offering card payments to their customers. Resellers can either bring their own bill or preferably one of their existing customers for their card payments and the NetPay team will analyse it on site and demonstrate the saving and margin opportunity for that particular customer. This is part of NetPay’s commitment to demonstrating the real opportunity of card payments within the telecoms channel and gives the resellers something tangible to show the material opportunity they present.

CBM: What will be the benefits to resellers of partnering with your company?

CK: NetPay offers resellers a whole host of benefits including up front commissions and lucrative recurring revenue streams, but it is not just about cash on the bottom line. Our services enable resellers to get closer to their customers, making them stickier and more loyal. Whilst it is unlikely those in the telecoms channel are going to make a strategy shift and make card payments their primary focus it has a valuable place as a key value add and importantly by selling card payments to customers it will make them less likely to make a change with their core service.

Our rates are competitively priced and our Revolution platform gives your customers complete visibility and control over their transaction management and consumer intelligence. The key is offering multiple services so the customer thinks less about the cost of any one individual service and looks at the overall value of their relationship with you and what you bring to them.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine