Glasgow is the mobile phone theft capital of Britain

A poll of 3,500 people by insurers CPP suggest that almost a third of Glaswegians have had phones stolen, with 17 per cent of cases involving phones being snatched from bags and one in five happening in the city’s night spots. Norwich is the city which experienced the fewest incidents of mobile phone theft.

The study also showed almost two thirds of people in the UK fail to insure their mobile phone – “despite the fact that the average handset would cost more than £200 to replace and airtime abuse can run into several hundreds of pounds.” As it happens, CPP has recently launched a mobile phone insurance service, CPP Phonesafe.

Top 10 cities for mobile theft
31%    Glasgow
29%    Belfast
29%    Liverpool
25%    Chelmsford
24%    London
23%    Bristol
21%    Manchester
21%    Leeds
19%    Sheffield
19%    Cambridge

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