Global Messaging Awards

Independent mobile messaging forum 160 Characters has announced the winners of the third annual Global Messaging Awards, the only industry accolades that are solely dedicated to mobile messaging.

  • Most effective device or software for data input: Zi Decuma Version 4 (combines handwriting and predictive text technology )
  • Best SMS Network Infrastructure: Mobile Interactive Group Votewinner (broadcast product developed specifically for the high-speed processing of high volumes of SMS votes – used with shows like I’m A Celebrity and Dancing on Ice)
  • Best messaging application – consumer: Bubble Motion Bubble Talk (non intrusive talk-and-listen messaging alternative to the ‘type and read’ text messaging service provided by SMS)
  • Best messaging application – business: Mobiqa Mobi-tickets (used as the only form of tickets available for the Red Bull Rail Storm, an international urban rail snowboarding competition, at Trafalgar Square last November)
  • Best messaging application – not for profit: Greenpeace (Argentina) Green lobby (mobile activism)
  • Best new mobile application: Thumbspeed 3MC (mobile IM across multiple IM platforms)

  • Biggest impact of mobile messaging: Spinvox (voicemail-to-text service)
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