Google Phone not a phone after all

Smoke and mirrors; reports that Google are bidding on licenses increase the near fever pitch of the upcoming product launch; which isn’t happening.

The Mobile Business Magazine christened ‘GPhone’ isn’t happening, instead they’re launching ‘Gware’ or, in normal speak, another Linux based operating system.

So, a reported two years of secret squirrel development, no handset, no network and no official comment – from anyone – and Google have, erm, some software which they haven’t launched yet.

It transpires that Google are creating a mobile operating system to push their ‘ad centric’ business model through to the Mobile space; Vodafone’s Arun Sarin popped his head up and said its all a bit silly – and he’s been in hiding from shareholders for the past 24 months.

Even Blyk, who had their launch in a subterranean den (which they didn’t invite us to) have a march on the Google business plan.

With Google having wrapped up the online advertising market, analysts suggest that mobile offers the biggest potential growth.

Press speculation is rife, and rumours on the Google vine suggest a launch toward early 2008.

And as any good marketer knows, don’t comment on speculation; although the UK spectrum is being freed up for another operator…


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