Hand-input for BlackBerry

Destiny, provider of ‘digital pen and paper’ solutions, has developed new intelligent routing software for BlackBerry phones that allows users to digitally capture handwritten business forms using and transmit them back to the office via the smartphone.

Mobile users can digitally capture written documents – like job sheets, field reports, surveys, and signed contracts – using a camera built into the nib of the digital pen that records information as it is written.

Ticking a box on a form instructs the pen to send information to the BlackBerry via Bluetooth. The user can then verify the information on their handset before it is transmitted to the office for processing; if there is no wireless network coverage, Destiny’s routers buffer the information and send it the moment the connection is re-established.

BlackBerry Pearl users can also attach photos to their forms using Destiny Photo Upload. As soon as the form information is captured to their BlackBerry Pearl, users have the option to attach a photo from the handset.

And Destiny also uses the GPS facility in the BlackBerry 8800. The Destiny Mobile Tracking service locates mobile workers when they have completed a job and pushes new tasks so the user can plan travel to the next client site.

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