Handset setup accounts for half of all tech support calls

AWDSGlobal survey of seven European call centre operations indicates that 47% of all support calls relate to handset configuration. Says the company: “This makes failed access to data services such as email, WAP and MMS one of the most time-consuming and costly support issues faced by the mobile industry today”.

It also noted that such calls can take up to 17 minutes to diagnose and fix, almost twice as long as the average technical support call. Where OTA (over-the-air) automated configuration services were available, however, the call handling time dropped to just four minutes. Coincidentally, this kind of mobile device management is WDSGlobal’s business …
Top five technical support enquiries
47% – Handset / service configuration (WAP, email, MMS etc)
25% – PC to Mobile modem connectivity
12% – PIM synchronization
8% – Application usability issues
8% – PDA to Mobile connectivity (modem and synchronization)
Source: WDSGlobal 2007

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