Sony Ericsson W995


Sony Ericsson W995

This handset pulls together the best of Sony Ericsson’s Walkman range, while pulling in some of the power of the Cyber-shot line with a serious camera. The Sony Ericsson W995 is the predecessor of the upcoming Entertainment Unlimited proposition, due out later this year on the first handset in the range, Idou.

Available from the second quarter, users can keep amused like never before on one powerful video mobile phone; watch news, TV shows or movies in premium video quality or check out the latest videos from YouTube using Turbo 3G or WiFi. Complete with an 8.1megapixel camera and Walkman player, with clear audio experience, the W995 Walkman is the ultimate mobile phone to keep you entertained when loitering.

With Media Go it’s easy to bring your media with you. This unique Sony application makes its worldwide debut on the W995 Walkman and lets you effortlessly and automatically transfer any audio, photos and videos between your phone and computer. You can even find podcasts with exciting content easily from the directory in just two clicks, and then watch the action in all its glory on the bright clear 2.6 inch screen.

It’s pretty phat, easy to use and nice and shiny. We like it.


Toshiba TG01

Toshiba Corporation has announced the new Toshiba TG01, a super slim, highly powered, multimedia focused device ideal for the consumer that demands high quality performance on the move.

Due out across Europe this summer, the TG01 looks the biz, with a smart, smooth and sleek outer and serious quality user interface. It’s an attractive, premium quality multimedia handset with internet access capabilities. Featuring an enormous 4.1 inch VGA touchscreen display, the TG01 comes with image tuning technology fostered from Toshiba’s range of LCD TVs, giving the TG01 greater colour image control, ensuring that the display is bright and vivid, with pin-sharp processing for fast moving video playback.

Toshiba’s TG01 is the world’s first mobile device with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chipset. Snapdragon uses a custom processor design to deliver an industry leading combination of 1GHz computing and high power efficiency. By offering processing performance, immersive multimedia, built-in GPS, and high speed 3G connectivity integrated into a single chip, Snapdragon enables the TG01 to be a groundbreaking, super slim device that is immensely powerful. Roar!

Toshiba TG01



C903 Cyber-shot

This brightly coloured, chunky fella’ is the C903 Cyber-shot, made for taking memorable pictures with ease; just slide down the protective lens cover and snap away. The slider has dedicated camera keys and an impressive five megapixel camera to create big pictures with rich details and true colours.

Packed full of features, the C903 Cyber-shot will give the user the best picture possible with Face Detection, finding up to three people in the frame at a time, plus Smile Shutter, which automatically picks out natural smiles. You can also snap up to nine images in quick succession using BestPic, to pick your best and delete the rest. Smart.

The C903 Cyber-shot comes complete with GPS so you never lose track of where you took an image or where you are. Simply tag photos to a location or use the feature to find your way home; very handy, especially after a big night out.


Samsung Lucido

The unassuming Samsung Lucido has been created, says Samsung, with all the style and many of the features of the Tocco Ultra Edition. This rather plain looking device offers clean design for the user that wants a handset to just work.

However, there are some nice surprises inside the no frills exterior Lucido. It is equipped with an ultra bright 2.2 inch AMOLED screen that gives clearer, sharper pictures and video that brings out vivid colours, even under direct sunlight. The handset features a five megapixel camera with face detection, smile shot and anti-blur technology. Images, movies and other multimedia files can be stored on up to eight gigabits of expandable memory.

GPS navigation technology comes standard with the Lucido via Google Maps. Internet browsing is also incredibly fast with 7.2 megabits per second HSDPA, allowing users to stream live multimedia directly from the web.

The Samsung Lucido will be available on all networks and major retailers in April.


Motorola MC55

Motorola has launched the MC55, the newest, smallest and lightest addition to Motorola’s family of enterprise digital assistants.

Ugly it sure is, but it does a lot of stuff. Designed for mobile workers inside and outside an organisation’s four walls, this device combines the power of a mobile, two-way radio, bar code scanner, digital camera, and mobile computer into a compact and lightweight design.

The new MC55 enables mobile workers to improve productivity, customer response times and customer service levels by bringing business-critical voice, data and applications to the point of business activity, claims Motorola.

It also supports a host of realtime location based applications, including directions for drivers, fleet location and geo-fencing. Pretty useful!

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