Samsung C6625


Samsung C6625

Announcing the Samsung C6625 and Samsung’s move into the world of business. It’s been a long time coming, but finally Samsung has come up with a handset that the savvy professional, rather than the consumer, can make good use of.

Built on Windows Mobile 6.1, the Samsung C6625 gives users access to familiar features on their PC, on their phone with real time synchronisation of email, access to Microsoft Office and a range of mobile applications.

This device has been released through a partnership with BT Business and Microsoft, on BT Talk Time. The BT Talk Time mobile package offers a single plan for both voice and data and is designed to suit all levels of usage, from single business users, to the bigger guys.

The C6625 offers a wide range of features to help improve the mobile productivity of businesses, offering data transfer speeds across 3G mobile

networks with HDSPA 3.6 Mbps, a Windows Media Player V10 enabling users to synchronise high quality music, video and photos with their PCs, and talk time of up to seven hours. One worth looking at in place of kit from RIM and Nokia.

Samsung Solid Extreme

You can drop it down the loo, cover it in sawdust, chuck it across the building site and loose it down white water rapids; this is the toughest handset yet from Samsung. If you know a builder or outdoor sports fanatic, suggest this is the device for them.

Although the Extreme, which follows on from previous models Samsung Solid and Samsung B2700, isn’t built to military specifications and isn’t designed to actually be jumped on by a really fat man in stilettos, it looks good, isn’t a brick, and has normal phone functionality including a 1.3 megapixel camera, video recording and playing (MPEG4, H.263, 3GP), MP3 player and FM radio, which some of the other tough devices out there lack.

The IP rating of 57 means the Extreme has a high immunity to dust and water, surviving drops from a height of up to two metres and full water submersion up to one metre. We are going to be testing this device out with a genuine electrician shortly, who is going to take it through its paces… what fun! In the meantime, it is available on Vodafone and O2.

Samsung Solid Extreme

LG Viewty Smart

The LG Viewty Smart (LG-GC900) is on the loose. Following in the footsteps of its successful predecessor, the LG Viewty, this one features a number of upgrades that should pull some of the original’s 6.5 million owners back for more.

Intelligent Shot Mode is new. This feature analyses the subject, background, and lighting conditions and compares the data against seven pre-programmed scenarios to take perfect pictures. It also has an eight megapixel sensor with sensitivity up to ISO 1600, a higher resolution WVGA touchscreen, and a more intelligent image processor.

The LG Viewty Smart adds several new camera features including Multi Face Detection and DVD-quality D1 video recording. It’s out on Orange in May.

LG Viewty

Bellpere Gold Nero

Bellpere has launched the Gold Nero, one of those fancy luxury phones you really wouldn’t want to drop or lose.

You can design your own phone if you have the money, selecting casings from metal, silver, yellow or rose gold, mixed metal or brushed black metal. Then to really give it your own touch, you can pick from a number of exotic animal leathers for the back, which have been slaughtered and dyed exclusively for the likes of the loaded, including alligator, shark and buffalo, add a few diamonds and gems as you prefer, and then off you go!

However, what is the technical specification? No one knows. Bellpere have announced the handset, but omitted to impress us with the guts. But I have a feeling that if you can afford this, the colour of your croc skin is going to take up most of the decision making process.


Nokia E75

The Nokia E75 has arrived in stores in the UK. This is the first device to offer the latest email user interface from the designer, Nokia Messaging.

This device offers the benefits of full desktop email functionality and complete integration of Nokia’s email and messaging services, including a slide out QWERTY keyboard design. It also provides easy access to both corporate and consumer email accounts in one UI.

Allowing the user to split work from play, there are two customisable home screen views for business and personal use, and integration with Ovi services, including Ovi Files, for storing and accessing files and documents on your PC, even if it’s offline. Nokia Maps is also included, which works with the onboard A-GPS, and the device is preloaded with Nokia’s games service, N-Gage, supported for the first time in a Nokia Eseries device.

Nokia E75
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