Heavenly Reception

A mobile phone mast in the Ugandan town of Gulu has become a world famous shrine after locals claimed to see Jesus Christ standing at the top.
Eric Odongo, one of one many witnesses, claimed he first saw clouds on top of the mast and that Jesus appeared to be standing amidst clouds.

"I saw Jesus standing on top of the mast. He was standing between two people and was putting on a white cloth. His hair was black."

The site quickly became a centre of attraction and was surrounded by a throng of people shouting at each other to "Come, come, come look over there, between those two bars, do you see him, do you see him…? He [Jesus] is standing between those two bars,"

Local Anglican Bishop Nelson Onono Onweng said "I was nearby when a young man came telling us that Jesus had been sighted on the MTN mast. We all laughed him off but when I was leaving the town I saw thousands of people around the mast."

"The Bible does not tell us when Jesus will appear. It does not tell us that he will appear on a mast or on a mango tree. So I don’t believe in the whole thing."

MTN, who own the mast, sent engineer Herbert Omoding who admitted he’d "seen nothing unusual".  Far from a denial that Jesus was present, it could mean he sees the lamb of God appear on his masts all the time?!

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