iMate JAQ and SPL

Since HTC decided to launch under their own brand, iMate have sourced a new manufacturer and announced the arrival of the iMate Speak ‘n’ Spell, and the iMate SLVR, officially known as the JAQ and SPL.

The iMate JAQ looks to be a Blackberry rival. The handset runs Windows Mobile 5 and offers a full QWERTY keyboard, 128 MB ROM/64MB RAM. It has a nice 2.8" touch screen, but only displays 64k colours. At nearly an inch thick no one’s going to trying to snap the JAQ in half anytime soon.
The iMate SPL is quoted as being a "great-looking device that will attract buyers that want a stylish device" that along with the Motorola SLVR. However it is a smartphone, something the SLVR isn’t. Also running Windows Mobile 5 the tri-band phone has 128MB ROM/64MB RAM, a 2.2" screen, but again only displays 64k colours.

In addition to launching the two new devices at CTIA, i-mate’ also showcased i-mate Suite and club i-mate. i-mate’ Suite is an exclusive software solution that enables users to minimize downtime, safeguard data and securely transfer information on the go. Club i-mate’ provides support and content to i-mate’ users, including 24/7 live multilingual support, software patches, device tutorials, current ROM upgrades, a free Hosted Exchange email account and a wide variety of content including games, ring-tones and productivity software. i-mate’ recently announced that club i-mate’ had reached 500,000 members, making it the largest online Windows Mobile user community.

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