Congratulations to Vodafone for launching advanced customer services directly on the handset to give its customers customer care and billing information in real-time.
This should be a facility that is available across all networks, which would then give the customer chance to control their spend better and to access customer services.

An interesting article survey the latest on mobile phone use from Yougov in 2006 does make you think, for example 56% of mobile users thought mobile use by motorists was bad, and 12 % said they regularly use it whilst driving, and that is a frightening thought and its increased since then.   Even today motorists are increasingly going back to the bad habit of using a mobile whilst on the move.  

Yes they will moan and groan and say who the hell is anyone to tell me if I can or can’t use it, but when that crash happens and people are dead or injured, it’s no good then feeling sorry for themselves, the damage will have been done, so we say STOP USING IT ON THE MOVE!!! Get a handsfree kit, or pull over or better still leave it switched off, how many have to be seriously injured before sense works its way into the brain of those who flout the law, or does it really take a member of their own family to be hurt before they take notice.
 A good point came up in the survey which was that 70% of users replaced their phones within the last 18 months, which begs the question, are consumers really happy with 18 month plans, especially when the manufactures bring out new models it seems every month.  

One thing that’s evident is that in 1987 the mobile was like a house brick, very few had them but they were easy to use.  Today in 2008 nearly every person in the country has one, they are as small, convenient, and means you are always in touch.  

BUT have we got too complicated in its functions.  Mobiles for business with lots of functions is great as most will use them, but the consumer, (and lets not assume that they are all 15-25 year old who can wiz their way through a mobile’s functions before I can say “help”) is getting more confused by all the functions and the key presses needed to access them.  It makes you wonder if manufacturers understand what people want and can understand, it’s great for the designers and programmers but it’s not what consumers like.  Having a lot of functions can be good, but the biggest complaint seems to be as one 43 year old called Mike said to me  “How the hell do I get to it, I’ve got a manual which would probably tell me, but I cant remember it all the time, why don’t they do hot keys like my PC!

Good point Mike!  Now there is a thought, hot keys to the more complicated functions would do well, that is where I like the Iphone very easy to get to those functions, very different from using joystick style keys and or having to press numerous times then ok or back, perhaps food for thought for the manufacturers.

Finally back on the cashback crisis, an adjournment debate is going to take place at Westminster Hall at the House of Commons, London debate on Wednesday 5th March (9.30 – 11.00 am) on “Dial a Mobile & cash back contracts”  brought by Roger Godsiff MP, where the whole issue of cashback, dealers and Networks will be debated.

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