IMPDA – B2B for 2008

Well Christmas came and went and most managed decent sales, even if there was nothing special from the networks to help boost sales pre Christmas.  We can see 2008 being more B2B focused…
 however networks and distributors would make a big mistake to put consumers second best to business.  B2B has its place yes but the consumer is the bread and butter and that should not be forgotten.

The IMPDA launched its first awards in December, and this year will be bigger and better, more about that in later issues.

As everyone will know our first IMPDA meeting is with Ofcom on January 11th and we will be having another meeting with MP’s in January. Places for the Ofcom meeting went faster than a piranha looking for a free lunch, and many had to be turned away, as only 20 can attend.  This will be a milestone for independent dealers and we will be aiming to achieve our gaols at the meeting.  A report back will be made on the phone dealer forum.  

We are asking all UK dealers to get in contact with the IMPDA to become members both of the IMPDA and the Phone Dealer forum.  This is the year when dealers  will finally have a voice, and now is the time for all those dealers who up to know have been busy, to make that 10 mins count by joining the IMPDA, its free to join and you will get support from other dealers, advice and much more, and of course the dealer community will benefit by having a greater voice for change, so don’t delay go to the site and register today.

Now we are in 2008 the IMPDA has already begun talks direct with manufactures with a view to direct working relationships with them, we will continue to provide monthly Podcasts, the first was launched in December and can be heard on the site, with news for dealers, industry news and interviews, the current podcast has Faisel Sheik of Phone Doctors on the unlocking of the iPhone.  If you are a distributor, manufacturer, network or dealer and have an interesting subject please get in touch at

The IMPDA website now has a new home.  A change in hosting location now means that the site will be better placed to merge with the Phone Dealer Forum, thus eliminating the need to register for membership twice.  Jez Harris appointed as IMPDA memberships manager will deal with all aspects of both Phone Dealer Forum and IMPDA membership applications in addition to administering the forum.  Final work is underway to complete this merge, which will mean one single place to come for all UK dealers.

It was all push and shove at Christmas wasn’t it, all the crowds jostling for the best bargains and early sales, but somehow something was missing, Ah yes a bit of cold and perhaps snow just to make that Christmas feeling.  Oh well there is always this year.  From all of us at the IMPDA, its members and podcast team, we wish you all a very happy new year and we wish you achieve everything you want to achieve this year.

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