IMPDA Cashback Debate Continues

Last week the IMPDA’s call for a cashback ban met with some dealers disagreeing vehemently. The IMPDA says they’re missing the point, and sets to put things straight:
As you may be aware, the IMPDA issued a letter to the networks calling on them to ban cashbacks after the latest mobile company went bust, again leaving the industry, in bad light with the consumer, annoying Ofcom, and again leaving the networks to think what they are going to do, but AGAIN its going to be the dealers that suffer for the cashback fiasco..

There have been a number of posts on other forums and discussion on the subject has been quite heated at times.  The letter sent calling for a ban was intended to get the networks to act in getting this situation sorted out once and for all.  However if the networks do bring in new regulations to tackle this issue instead of a ban, we would support this, the point is the issue has finaly to be dealt with

The cashback situation is damaging the industry, and good dealers as well as the bad are being affected.  We do know and understand this is an immotive subject with some dealers letting off steam against the Impda because we called for a ban, however many who are decrying this as usual are just missing the point.

The impda is here as a platform to get dealers, distributors and networks together, to form a pressure group, and to aim at a level playing field.

Cashbacks when operated properly can be good, but they are not being done that way.  this is the 4th that we know in a short period of time that has gone bust over cashback.  You all know as well as we that their are companies doing cashback that YOU cannot compete with.  How can you when some of these offer Free handset and free line rental AND £1,050 cashback.  Yes I did say £1,050 cashback.

This is NOT a level playing field for dealers.  Competition can be good in our industry, but this is not competition, and can only end up with again more consumers being owed, and the industry damaged.

The impda since its birth, has given dealers a dedicated site, high profile on radio, and in many mobile magazines, and of course now a small column on "FONE" which is next week going to become a full page.  The impda has done more to provide dealers with the ability to get things moving and to start that level playing field gaol, more than anyone else in the past.

If dealers are to achive this, then the dealers HAVE to make an effort, or else take whatever the networks throw at them, which is going to mean losing both good and bad dealers.  Good dealers should not suffer through apathy.

The cashback issue is one where the dealers SHOULD have an input into what happends, and we dont mean bleating and moaning that the subject has been raised, but some constructive suggestions that can be put to the networks, so that it is we and not soly the networks that give a direction.

You only have to see what the FSB has done, not only for their members but ALL business in the country.  Even if you were not a member, your business has been spared damaging laws and regulations, because the FSB were able to get things changed, and with the help of input from its members.

The impda can be along the same lines, fighting the dealers/distributors corner, and achieving a great deal of change for the better in the industry.  The networks are big Yes! but so is the government but the FSB manage to get changes, so their is no reason why dealers cannot, against networks.

More members are needed, and your input is required.  Some dealers on forums have a defeatest attitude, with "we will never beat the networks" or "we have no hope, you’re wasting your time"  If you dont try you will never know, and with those attitudes you wont.  We believe that dealers out there, want to improve their business, that they want to operate fairly against others, and that they want to be treated fairly by networks.

The cashback issue is at the forefront at the moment with TV coverage and the media pointing the finger not at networks but dealers.  We now need to be seen to be trying to sort this ourselves not just the networks, or dealers creditablity with the public will drain away, or until one day when Ofcom will step in and solve it for us, and that is not going to put thust back into the customers mind.

We know this has upset some dealers, but many many more are in support of us and want this sorted out, so we would ask all members and any other dealers to help us to help you, and give some constructive suggestions on how things such as this can be done.  We will put forward your ideas or even try and arrange meetings with the networks directly, but we would urge all now to stop and to move the industry forward, before more good hard working dealers are lost or penalised.

If you want a point or issue raised you can do that to by dropping us an email.

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