IMPDA: Dealers to be Accredited

The IMPDA today put forward a document which promises to give greater protection to the consumer, promote better competition for dealers, reduce the risk of fraudulent sales for the networks, and of course reduce the risk of millions of pounds in claw backs from the networks to the dealers / distributors.
The proposal entitled “Managing Change Securing the Future” will ensure consumers receiving their cash back’s, together with ridding internet of sites or dealers who do not conform.

"The IMPDA wish to help and work with the networks and ofcom which is why this proposal is radical and will force companies to comply with ofcom’s directives & the networks regulations and Code of Practice for the sales and marketing of subscriptions to mobile networks via a quality audited accreditation which will apply to every mobile phone dealer or reseller in the UK, whether that is retail, web, mail order, or call centre and b2b but with a difference."

It will ensure that all companies are audited and that they comply with Ofcom directives and the Networks Code of Practice for the sales and marketing of subscriptions to mobile networks and own terms and conditions agreed by dealers.

To prove they comply they will be issued with a quality assurance logo. This logo will be a sign to the consumer of a quality dealer who complies and can be trusted.

Dealers will be seen to be transparent and open in every way in providing information, and without it being hidden or made hard to find.

Failure to comply with Ofcom directives or Network Code of Practice for the sales and marketing of subscriptions to mobile networks within 14 days of a breach will result in that companies quality assurance accreditation logo being revoked and the dealer connection codes being terminated, in effect removing the ability to sell contract mobile phones anywhere in the uk to any network.  

This will have a dramatic effect on internet sites which will start to disappear as they cannot take orders and connect to networks any longer; eventually the internet will only have qualified quality audited sites for UK mobile sales…

The networks will have no control over audits or appeal processes, therefore making the auditing team totally independent of network control or influence.

The auditing team will report statistical information to ofcom quarterly and the networks yearly, enabling ofcom to gauge quality and to plan for future guidelines or regulation.

The document has other wide ranging conditions imposed both on networks and dealers and distributors.

The IMPDA will set up a separate body which will be independent of the IMPDA and which will have no involvement in IMPDA activities, this separate body which will be known as AMAG (Accreditation Monitoring and Auditing Group will act as a central independent body for ensuring compliance with the Codes of Practice and Network Terms of service.

"This proposal is the way forward if we are to rid the industry of those who will not comply with Ofcom and network directives and who exacerbate the situation with consumers over cashback." Said Chris Caudle, IMPDA Chairman.

"The IMPDA looks forward to all the networks and Ofcom’s co-operation in adopting this proposal discussion document, if we are to bring trust and quality back into the industry."  

"For far too long the consumer has suffered and is still suffering today with most recently simply 3g and it is believed first contact mobiles ltd the latest companies ceased trading, this must stop, and this document can achieve that and bring a level playing field back into the market place for dealers and distributors."

"Finally we are calling on all victims of cashback and indeed the public in general to support us and pressure Ofcom and the networks to adopt this discussion document as soon as possible so the change be discussed and can begin. "

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