IMPDA: It’s Good to Talk to Networks

It looks like the IMPDA proposal document aiming at an accreditation system for dealers, launched at the Palace of Westminster in London on the 20th February, has certainly got wide notice. 
We have received three calls from dealers, two asking when this would be going live as they would like to be included, to the third called Malcolm actually pleading for the as yet to be in existence accreditation auditing team to come to his shop so he can pass and display the QA logo, so his customers would see that he was a quality dealer.  He went on to say that he thought that the scheme would not only enhance his business, but that this should have been done years ago.

We had to explain to the dealers that although we appreciated their support and their eagerness to undergo auditing, we are waiting for the result of the Ofcom review, and feedback from the networks (who incidentally still have not been in touch with us)  and we hope to have discussions on this in the near future.

It gets more strange in the mobile industry each day.  Just recently Orange had sent a memo to its dealers warning that it may withhold half of any clawed back commission that comes from a disconnection that it believes to be fraudulent – even if acceptable proofs of identity and address are received.  Now some will say well it might be yet another kick in the teeth for dealers, but then at least we get half back.  The question though is what is the reason for this change by Orange, and why are they retaining half and what will they be doing with it.

This is a prime example of one of the things we would like to talk to all Networks about and that are aimed at the lack of communication.  The Networks make a decision then make a statement, like this one from Orange, but time and again they just fail to explain to dealers the reason for such decisions.  All the dealer sees is the result of their decision not the reasoning behind it, and that is what is guaranteed to get the backs up most dealers.  Until we can talk to the networks, we at the IMPDA would ask them to at least give an explanation to dealers as to why they do something.  Dealers are not children, they so have some modicum of sense, and a simple explanation would be far better than giving a dictate as most notices are.

The debate on cash backs was held today in London at Westminster Hall, led by Roger Godsiff, one point raised by an MP in the debate was that he was surprised that the IMPDA and the networks had not had a meeting.  Well we have been inviting the networks to talk to us over many issues now and in Podcasts on our own and Mobile News, as well as BBC Radio interviews, where we have made the offer, in addition to press statements etc.  Perhaps the Networks will now take that single step and make contact with us.  To make life easier, if they cannot email us then please call us on 0844 884 9702.

If you are a dealer and would like to become a member of the IMPDA or just to get in touch to get advice, pass us information or stories, then we would be pleased to hear from you.  We are always happy to hear your  views or problems so we can take these up.  We are asking dealers to come and join the IMPDA and don’t forget membership at this time is free.  Send an email to or you can sign up at

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