IMPDA: Looking Good

Things are certainly looking good for the IMPDA and for UK dealers, following meetings and the consultation document release, the IMPDA has been asked again to talk with Ofcom prior to their statement on the final document.
We are gathering further information from members and dealers and will be having further talks shortly.

And despite emails, published telephone numbers, offers in the press and TV and radio, the mighty Network Operators seem frightened to talk with us, as they have not even had the courtesy to reply let alone call us.  We just hope that Richard Benyon MP for Newbury, takes this on board, as he called for an urgent meeting between Networks and ourselves to discuss issues, well we have tried time and again, but the Networks have failed to respond, so if they are not in touch this week, then we will be taking the matter up with Ofcom themselves, which is something we did not want to do.

The IMPDA is asking all dealers to send either by email or fax examples of where they have been clawed back by the MNO’s and where the customer has still be retained by the MNO.  This could be a downgrade decided by the MNO and not the dealer, or a late paying customer etc.  We are also interested to hear from dealers who have had suspect fraud notices on clawback.  Have you been given proof of such?  Have you asked for proof and been refused?  Please email us and let us know, as part of our investigation into clawbacks.

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