IMPDA: More Cashback Grumbles

Cashback scandals continue, with more companies going into liquidation. The IMPDA will soon be announcing a radical plan that could change mobile sales in this country forever.
What a January it was, the weather blew hot and cold, well down this neck of the woods anyway, you did not know whether to wrap up or get the sun cream out, with floods and everything else, I am convinced now that global warming is defiantly here.

Well it was a busy month in January with meetings with Ofcom and MP’s at the House of Commons, both were successful and we even managed to persuade Ofcom to have talks with Distributors as well.  The IMPDA will be holding a special press conference soon (date to be confirmed) at the Palace of Westminster in London in February. At this stage we cannot say further what the press conference will reveal  except that it is radical and could change mobile sales in this country forever.

Now here is an interesting one, which is another reason why legislation is needed.
Fiona Sherman asked for help from Ian Robson, Sunday Sun otherwise known as Mr Justice, over a lost cashback claim with Dial-a-Phone on the 3 network. Fiona had a deal giving a partial refund if she sends phone bills back. But her latest claim was rejected because she missed the deadline. And why did she miss the deadline? Because the bills were late in arriving. It was quite simply not her fault.

Fiona, of Seaton Delaval, Northumberland, said: “I am furious but they’re not budging.” This means people who have cashback deals are not getting their money because the final bills are sent out after the redemption period is finished.” Dial-a-Phone said: “We understand that there was some disruption to Ms Sherman’s bills.” Therefore, under these exceptional circumstances, we are arranging to pay Ms Sherman her cashback.”  We applaud Dial-a-Phone for paying her cashback, but I guarantee that many others would not, and from what I have seen in many hundreds of term & conditions lateness of bills is not catered for, so in fact in theory thousands could miss out on getting their cash.

With the advent of Simply3g going into liquidation, how many more are now going to be affected, and which disti is going to bear the brunt of the Networks claw backs again.  At this time we are still waiting for a response to our Ofcom meeting, but as another dealer bites the dust, we ask and who is next!  Who do you think will be the next to fall.

Currently 22 MP’s have signed the early day Motion so we have good support from parliament. We are calling for all dealers to get in touch with the IMPDA to support us in our push for change, and don’t forget membership at this time is free.  Send an email to or you can sign up at

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