IMPDA: Networks Against Us

It really does make you wonder if the Mobile Network Operators would really like to lose the 60% of connections that dealers bring in for them year in and out, when they treat their own dealers with the way they do.
The networks seem to have little regard for the impact on their business, and do everything they can to frustrate dealer/consumer confidence and service.  You may ask why we make such a statement, well when we saw what was put out by O2 to dealers it does make you wonder.  

O2 put out through its distributors the following:-

XXXXXXXXXX (distributor) would like to advise that we can not process upgrades for O2 Online customers.

An O2 Online customer is someone who receives their monthly bill online rather than a paper bill.

If an O2 online customer wishes to upgrade they must go direct to O2

The dealer can get the customer in the first place, look after them, keep them happy, and have regular contact with them building a relationship but when it comes to upgrade the customer O2 bars the dealer from doing so and basically pinches them from the dealer, all because the customer wants to get their monthly bill online as opposed to having it in the post.

If that was not enough, now T-Mobile can do upgrades 3 months before end of contract, Hooray say dealers, but wait look at the words "T-Mobile can do upgrades".  Oh Yes yet another kick for dealers as it does not apply to them only T-Mobile.  

So again it means that dealers who have obtained the customer, looked after them, cannot upgrade them early.  Interesting was the fact that they would not comment on if this was available direct. So have we got one rule for one and a rule for others? Now with two networks going against their own dealers, how many more, lets face it, if that’s not anti competitive practice I don’t know what is

If anything it just shows that dealers need to unite together, they did over cashback and got change written into the Ofcom report the voice of the dealer was heard.  Now more than ever dealers need to join the IMPDA and give support to push for change and a level playing field.

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