IMPDA: Quiet Networks

It is amazing what comes out and the secrecy in the industry. At a select committee hearing Orange stated that it gave £2.5 million towards Ofcom’s running costs, yet when Roger Godsiff asked Ofcom what contributions others gave he was refused the information.
Now in a U turn In a letter to Roger Godsiff MP, Ofcom boss Ed Richards revealed that the total amount paid by O2, 3, Vodafone, Orange, T-Mobile and Virgin Mobile to Ofcom for 2006-2007 was £10,082,764.

What a shame it is that the networks have remained silent and will not answer our emails and call for a meeting with them, despite MP Richard Benyon stating that we should have a meeting as a matter of urgency, they ignore him as well. (Richard please take note).  Dealers have a lot to give to improve the industry, and want to help the Mobile Network Operators in making the industry better for all including the consumer.   

It seems that we will now have to reluctantly approach Ofcom to arrange this, which is a shame, because it does show the Mobile Network Operators in a bad light to everyone, that they will not talk to the very people that bring them their customers, there is still time should any network wish to contact us, we would be pleased to hear from them.

The IMPDA will shortly be writing to all UK dealers, telling them of the IMPDA and the advantages and incentives available in becoming a member, so if you get a letter through the post take time to read it, it could be to your advantage as a business.

The IMPDA 2008 awards nominations will begin soon, last year in our first year three awards were made, but this year their will be more categories, further details to come.

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