IMPDA: TV infamy

Following on from the episode of Dispatches entitled ‘The Mobile Phone Rip-Off’ last week, it’s surprising that the networks haven’t come out of their shells to  defend themselves more publicly.
It was interesting to see that the networks came out and made comments about the Channel 4 program, bearing in mind that their comments would be published in the trade magazines, but the great British public would have been watching the program.  If anything they need to make their views known more publicly, because as it stands the public now have a poor view of the networks as they refused point blank except for T-Mobile to answer any questions or put their view over.

It is doing the industry no good whatsoever when the UK’s networks will not talk to anyone.  They won’t talk to the IMPDA, they wont talk to the media who ask questions, and that does not give the public confidence.  All they are doing in this silent routine is alienating themselves from the very people that bring in their profits and put the food on the table…. the public.  How can the public have confidence when the simplest of questions are not answered?

As we have said time and again the IMPDA and its dealers want to work with the networks to improve the industry, and we are going to give them this advice to the directors.  Prepare your statements and get out there and explain your position to the public not to the trade, because of the Channel 4 program it’s now the public that wants answers.  If you want to limit the damage you think the program may have done, then get your side across.  Start talking to people, show you do take an interest and stop hiding behind closed doors, you will only do yourself more damage and the public’s perception of you will change.  Stay quite, stay behind locked doors, don’t talk to reporters, don’t be open and you leave yourself open to accusations such as those of Roger Godsiff MP.  The ball is now firmly in your court!.

Faisel had a good valid point recently, with most people now having a PC, its high time that manufacturers now incorporated into every phone connection and software to talk to the PC.  It can be so much easier to add names addresses and numbers as well as text messages from the PC especially for the busy businessman but this seems to have been forgotten, and only a few are able to do this.  Perhaps manufacturers can look at this for their 2009 releases.

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