Sometime ago, we said that we thought that there would be a reduction in distributor numbers as well as dealers in the industry.  Well it looks like Unique distribution could be a casualty.  Started off by HMRC on its parent company IGB on VAT fraud, it looks like Unique may have suffered as a result.
It was a bit obvious really, to have staff locked out on the pretext of delay after delay in insurance cover for the building, then staff having to wait for wages, was to an extent a bit of a give away that they were in trouble. And now with Nemesis Technology filing for a winding up, it was only a matter of time really.  Of course the next question will be whose next.

With major contracts withdrawn from 20:20 and others hit by large claw backs on the cashback issue, it can only be a matter of time now before takeovers start to surface. The question of course is how is this going to effect dealers who have accounts, with their current distributor?

Another question that’s going to arise, is the Ofcom consultation document, will the Mobile Network Operators pass the enforcement onto distributors, if so are they able to cope with it, do they have the resources, at this time we think not, and if they have to carry this out who is going to foot the bill for implementation.  It also makes you think about the Mobile Network Operators themselves.  They say that the code was working, Ofcom disagreed and said not, well if the Mobile Network Operators could not police the voluntary code, then how are they going to guarantee they will do better if the general condition comes in, if they could not police the first code how are they going to police this one.

As all Mobile Network Operators signed up to the codes of practice, then we openly ask them here.  You all know that a number of big players have been in breach of the code, we have raised this time and again and it names some in our proposal document which was sent to you by registered post, so please explain to all dealers and the public why you have failed to carry out your obligations and not spoken to E2 Save, Phones4u, CPW and others who are still in breach of the code, and to which on many consumer forums and still being named as to their bad cashback scheme information.  It is for this reason that the Mobile Network Operators credibility is being eroded, and why dealers and distributors have little faith in the networks.  You need to prove that dealers and distributors can trust you, and that you play fair, to simply ignore this does our industry no good.

We have asked in our columns, on radio, and television, and email for a meeting with yourselves via the Mobile Broadband Group, yet you have stayed silent.  We all should be working together to improve the industry and to give better customer contact and care.  So we ask all Mobile Network Operators again to arrange a meeting with us soon.

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