Increased Adoption of Microsoft Teams Drives the Need for Cross Platform Interoperability

With 56.3% of businesses now using Office 365 for their day to day work processes, (Source: Microsoft), many businesses are rapidly adopting Microsoft Teams. This powerful collaboration tool’s functionality nestles in seamlessly with the rest of the Office service stack like it’s always been there. Microsoft Teams’ collaborative functions permeate every programme within the Office Suite, making its usage instinctive, intuitive and almost unconscious.

However, as more and more businesses integrate MS Teams into their day to day processes, they find that they encounter certain barriers to communications. – For example, Using MS Teams to call contacts who are not part of the organisation, or trying to hold video conferences with alternate video software users. Microsoft Teams currently has its limits to interoperability across various platforms and business leaders are rapidly seeking to push beyond them.

Experienced suppliers of Microsoft Teams certified communications solutions understand how frustrating some of these issues can be and how much they can impact daily business processes. Seasoned communications experts find themselves pushing beyond typical telecoms solutions and delving into productivity solutions, collaborative technology and software development to overcome these challenges. Delivering Microsoft Teams based communications solutions has shown us that the interoperability solutions that add the most value to client’s business processes are also the ones that are the most frequently requested

Direct Call Routing (DCR) – Enables businesses to use Microsoft Teams as their phone system to make external voice calls. Being able to retain their existing telephone numbers, avoids the cost and disruption of a phone system migration

Simply Video believe that Microsoft’s “Direct Call Routing” is now ready to be sold through Microsoft’s channel because we are a partner who are already using, selling and installing the Microsoft DCR solution. Many business leaders who have already adopted Microsoft Teams are surprised to learn that it can also be used as a telephony system. Enabling their employees to use just one core application on their devices makes it an easy decision.

The decision to switch to Microsoft Teams as a telephone system is even more compelling for businesses with legacy ISDN or legacy Kit (even SIP) – this will most likely be the last telephony buying decision that they need to make. By running on Microsoft Teams, the telephony function is not just a core operating system of a business, and hardware choices are now just desk phones, headsets, or video end points.

Our CEO, shared his thoughts on Microsoft DCR: “A tangible risk factor of using MS Teams as a phone system is: Do you really have enough trust to port your business telephone numbers into Microsoft? In light of the many current risks of doing this, many businesses elect not to do this, DCR therefore becomes a good option for them, allowing the company to retain their phone numbers, current line functionality and tightly control their costs. By being agile, ahead of the market and driving innovative solutions, telecoms VARs still deliver value and remain an integral part of the supply chain.

As expert Telecoms VARs, we deeply understand the complexity and nuances of the DCR offering. We offer a vast variety of configurations for phone systems within MS Teams with different levels of functionality, which enables Microsoft Teams to emulate feature rich onsite telephony hardware.” – Alex Deighton, CEO of Simply Video

Cloud Video Interface (CVI)

Enables Microsoft Teams to connect with legacy video conferencing hardware systems and also allows Microsoft Teams to connect directly with external video conferencing software. (like Zoom, Webex etc) CVI has enabled companies to actively extend their organisation’s reach. Being able to hold conference calls with alternate video software users, teams can now collaborate with members outside the organisation for rapid decision making and maximum productivity

Microsoft Teams Certified Video Conference Solutions

Giving everyday business owners the confidence to invest in video kit, knowing that Microsoft Teams will run “natively” without any need for clunky APIs, or business paralysing software errors. Because Microsoft certified video conference kit works smoothly with Teams, it enables meetings to start on time, every time, with the avoidance of downtime, technical errors and frustration.

Alex Deighton (CEO) continues… “The ease of use of video within Microsoft Teams will continue to drive video adoption. As users become more comfortable with video they naturally seek additional services and kit to extend MS teams; from PC’s, laptops and mobile to Microsoft Teams certified rooms. Simply Video has already positioned itself as a cloud video interop provider, connecting MS teams to different video environments. That software is already built in MS Teams rooms accredited meeting hardware. As sales of telephony systems hardware trend downwards, we are fully geared up to supply and configure meeting room collaboration equipment.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine