IP VoiceLink (from ipdrum)

UD Price: From £75.00
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With over 2.5million Skype customers in the UK already there is obviously a desire to enhance internet technology to reduce the cost of making and receiving calls. For those regularly communicating with business colleagues or friends overseas, then the benefits of voice over internet (VoIP) can be substantial.

The only problem with the current system is that you need to be attached to a broadband connection which is usually at home or in the office.  For the majority of UK residents the mobile phone is considered to be any essential item providing the freedom to communicate anytime, anywhere.  So if you could enjoy the same low cost calls without being tied to a PC….

…enter the IP VoiceLink

• Make and receive Internet calls with your mobile – anywhere!
• Mobile convenience at Internet telephony prices
• Leave your PC at home – take Skype with you!
• Save up to 75% on international calls
• Call internationally free or at local rates from your mobile
• Travel mode – avoid roaming fees when abroad
• EazzySync – shares your contacts on PC and mobile
• No change in the behaviour of your mobile handset

Developed in Finland by ipdrum and recently launched in the UK, the IP VoiceLlink allows for mobile convenience at Internet telephony prices.  It enables a Skype customer the opportunity to make and receive low cost calls without being confined to a computer.  With savings of up to 75% on international calls plus avoiding roaming fees when abroad the IP VoiceLink is the perfect solution to the growing number of cost conscious communicators.

Skype me anywhere!

Install the PC software, insert a prepay SIM card (ideally the same network as your mobile phone) into the IP VoiceLink and connect the USB cable to the PC. Then simply copy or synchronise Skype contacts to your mobile phone.  

You now have the freedom to receive incoming Skype calls on your mobile.  To make a call simply select your Skype contact from your mobile’s contact list and hit the call button.  By using SkypeOut you can also make calls to a mobile or fixed line anywhere in the world at local rates.

IP VoiceLink is now available in the UK exclusively from Unique Accessories

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