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Apple ‘iBrick’ users sue in a State Class Action suit whilst Orange and Apple are in dispute, Nokia declares war and we announce the UK launch date.

Phew, not wanting our entire front page dedicated to a phone which isn’t available yet, here’s all the iPhone news of the week; seems like the media iPhone lovefest has turned.

After already covering a single user taking our fruity friends to court, Mobile Business Magazine can report that over the pond, our litigious cousins have grouped together to sue Apple over the recent 1.1.1 update which ‘iBricked’ the telephony function of their phones.

The filed suit states:
‘On September 27th 2007 Apple punished consumers for exercising their rights to unlock their iPhones.

Apple issued a software update that "(i)bricked" or otherwise caused iPhone malfunctions for consumers who unlocked their phones and installed the update.

Under an exemption to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act 1998, consumers can lawfully modify their phones for use on a cellphone network of their choice. Apple ignored the exemption in disregard of consumers’ rights.’


The lawyers involved have set up www.appleiphonelawsuit.com for any other Californians who want to get a couple of quid; the site clearly states that ‘Fernandez and The Law Office of M. Van Smith are in no way affiliated with Apple Inc’ – really?

The law firm are after unspecified damages (ouch) and for Apple to be ordered to both unlock all iPhones and offer support/warranties to those which have already hacked unlocked their phones.

It continues to get better for Apple as Orange’s (exclusive iPhone network in France) top bod, Didier Lombard can’t help but blab the iPhone Launch in France (don’t worry, keep reading for the UK launch date).

After mentioning something about seagulls following trawlers Didier Lampard told the French Press Agency that his French compatriots will have the opportunity to iBrick their phones sometime in November.

Not really the stuff of breaking news, however it’s the second time he’s spoken to the press without holding hands with Apple’s marketing department.

There have been reports that Lombard hadn’t got the nod from Apple to inform the press that they had the iPhone deal, nor it seems when it was going to be launched, stirring up conjecture that there’s a dispute between the two firms.

Apparently upset with Lombard, Apple have yet to confirm that Orange even have the French contract – perhaps this has more to do with his wily negotiating skills as they’re reported to only be giving 30 or so per cent back to the fruity pot as a pose to the UK’s O2 40 per cent.

Yet another wrinkle in Lombards wily plan, is that French law clearly states that manufacturers must make their handsets available SIM free, giving the consumer ‘network choice’; could be another law suit on the way.

Whilst back to the UK, Mobile Business Magazine can report that UK consumers can look forward to iPhones, iBricks and the ability to sue Apple from 6pm on the 9th November – yippee!

Hayley at O2’s ‘unofficial blog’ (“seriously, I have nothing to do with the marketing department”) states:

"We’ve just been informed of who will work the later evening especially for the iPhone and guess what? Your resident sales gal shall be there on this very exciting evening I cannot wait."

Nor can we (we’re still waiting for our iPhone :nudge:).

Although not confirmed, if the launch follows the US, O2 stores should be open until midnight to ensure a few more column inches within the press.

Anyhow, finally (we promise), Nokia has gone to war with Apple, in the Big Apple. Gorilla marketers have reportedly fly posted the city trying to make gains from the bad feeling of iBricked users

Nokia Website:
"We believe the best device has no limits. That’s why we’ve left the Nseries open, open to applications. Open to widgets. Open to anything. So go ahead and load it up, What it does is up to you”

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