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As rumours of a 3G iPhone arriving next year abound, Vodafone Germany attacks the whole ethos of the exclusive deals and wins an injunction against T-Mobile.
The Spaniards may not have the iPhone yet, but are getting all excited at the prospect of a 3G version when they launch the wonder mobile in May.

SevenClick, Telefonica’s blog, confirmed that due to stock shortages they will expect to launch in Spain with a new, rejigged 3G version of the handset.

"The reason why Telefonica has not launched the iPhone before depends on Apple. They haven’t got enough stock to attend the demand, so Apple defined a road map selecting UK, Germany and France for the first European distribution phase."

It is said that Telefonica is also "applying its best efforts to decrease the 30% asked by Cupertino"

SevenClick goes on" "This is a very wise movement by Telefonica. European customers are currently using 3G and HSDPA devices and they would probably see iPhone 2.5G interface as a big drawback. Moreover, launching a GPRS model now and a 3G version on May could disappoint early adapters. Meanwhile, Telefonica can struggle with Apple for a lower revenue sharing."

Interesting stuff, but no agreement has been signed between Telefonica and Apple yet, so there’s no guarantee that they’ll even get it.

Looking at the goings one between our Bavarian cousins, Vodafone Germany has scored a goal against Apple and T-mobile by winning an injunction preventing the operator exclusivity deal.

Vodafone top dog Friedrich Joussen denied it was a total ban: "We want it to be available to buyers without a mandatory calling plan. If I had wanted to halt sales, I could have, but I didn’t,".

The injunction prevents the iPhone being tied into a T-Mobile contract, and ensures a sim-free handset must be available for use with other networks, as it is in France where competition laws are strict.

In response to the injunction T-mobile have made the iPhone available, at a price. 999 Euros (£720) will get you an unlocked handset, a huge increase on the 399 euro price with a T-Mobile contract.

A full hearing is scheduled for two weeks’ time. T-Mobile have confirmed they will be appealing against the Hamburg Court’s decision and possibly suing Vodafone for damages, but will be abiding by the injunction "until the legal situation is resolved"

If the poor people in Germans want one, or the good people in Spain truly can’t wait until May for the wondersonic mobile, they could always knit themselves one as this ineventive individual has done.
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