iPhone Won’t Sell

A recent survey conducted by an iPhone blog suggests that the expected selling price for Apple’s new piece of kit is way too high, and won’t be the big seller the American firm are hoping for.
iPhonic.tv’s survey suggested that the iPhone is too expensive for mass appeal.

Nearly 60% of respondents said that they’d be willing to pay up to £200 for the iPhone – well below the 4GB model’s suggested retail price.

Just over a quarter said that they’d pay between £200 and £250, with only 10% saying they’d pay £250-300 and 4% willing to pay over £300.

Typically, men seemed a little more willing to spend more on the iPhone than women, with 11.4% plumping for the £250-300 bracket compared with 8.1% of women, and 61% of female respondents wanting to get an iPhone for under £200, compared with 57.6% of men.

Generally, the older a respondent gets, the less they want to spend on the iPhone, although perhaps unsurprisingly the "under £200" category wins out in all age groups except 60+.

14.3% of 16-24s would be happy to spend between £250 and £300, but this percentage slips as the age range increases, with 12.4% of 25-34s, 7.5% of 35-44s, 6.8% of 45-54s, and 6.2% of 55-60s willing to spend that much.

The group most likely to spend over £300? The 45-54 age group, but only 8.5% of them.

As Apple are likely to launch the iPhone in the UK with just one network, there won’t be any competition on tarriffs and handset discounts like we’ve seen with the Nokia N95.

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