iPhone’s 12 Month Lifespan

Weeks after the US launch of the iPhone Apple have revealed that the battery is only expected to last a year! Not to worry as halfway through a subscribers TWO year contract, Apple will replace the battery for $79.
A US consumer group is have blasted Apple and AT&T over controversy surrounding the iPhone’s battery.

Much disappointed noise was made when Apple announced earlier this year about its plans to make the battery non-removeable. However, it’s now moved on from disappointment to major design flaw as the battery is not expected to last much longer than a year.

After the iPhone went on sale, Apple have now announced that the expected life of the battery is between 300 and 400 charging cycles. Most users are likely to take full advantage of the handset’s functionality, which would involve charging the phone every day. In this instance consumers can look at a maximum life of 13 months!

At the same time as announcing this shocking news, Apple also unveiled their battery replacement scheme.

Batteries can be replaced for $79 plus $6.95 shipping, and may also be subject to local taxes. The service takes on average three business days, and if consumers can’t live without their phone they can loan one for a further $29.

Apple are also offering an extended AppleCare Protection Plan which will cover the phone for two years, the length of AT&T’s service agreement.

Servicing outside of warranty will be $199 for the 4gb handset, and $249 for the 8gb device.

Understandably the Foundation for Consumer and Taxpayer Rights is a bit miffed that this information was made public AFTER the sale of over 500,000 units.

The argument is that some consumers may not have purchased the iPhone had the information regarding the battery issues been fully disclosed before the sale.

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