Irish Unaware of 3G Cards

A new survey by O2 Ireland reports increased use of laptop PCs amongst Irish small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) but over half are unaware of 3G data cards.

“Our study suggests that there is significant scope to boost business productivity in the SME sector,” commented Billy D’Arcy, Head of Business Sales & Services for O2 Ireland. “Use of 3G data cards means that executives can access the office server and email remotely as if they were sitting at their desk”.

The study, which was conducted on behalf of O2 by TNS mrbi, finds that the usage of laptop PCs amongst SME directors has increased from 36% in 2004 to 46% today. However, 54% of the total surveyed do not know what 3G data cards are. Just 8% of respondents who are aware of the technology use 3G data cards.

“The results of our survey have important lessons for those selling business technology and services,” added Billy D’Arcy. “For example, while there is a lot of talk about Voice over IP (VoIP), a similar number, 52% of SME senior executives do not know what it is. Our study suggests that the industry needs to talk less jargon and more business benefits.”

The O2 study found that less than one in five (18%) of those surveyed had secure access to business documents when out of the office. “We listen to the market,” added Billy D’Arcy of 02. “For example, we recently announced the availability of AccessMyLan from O2, which is an easy to use service that gives users secure, remote access to all office applications from a laptop or handheld device.”

O2 Ireland last year announced a multi million Euro investment in its network. Broadband over O2’s next generation network will offer peak rate download speeds which will both match and exceed those currently available in the Irish market from fixed line and wireless operators. This is achieved by using what is referred to as HSPDA (high speed packet data access) technology.

The O2 study was conducted amongst over 300 owners/directors in firms employing between 1 and 250 people and was stratified by geographical region and size of business.

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