Emblaze’s emoze is reckoned to be the world’s first free downloadable ‘push’ email service for mobile devices. That means a BlackBerry-like service which delivers emails directly to the phone as soon as they are received in the user’s inbox.

The free element is particularly impressive; push email has traditionally been associated with services that are costly to use and difficult to set up. And of course emoze is not limited to one brand of handset.
The technology is built to support any mobile device, but there are some limits: the current release works with all Microsoft Pocket PC devices and Symbian phones such as Nokia 6630 and 6680. But “within the next few months emoze will cover the vast majority of remaining mobile devices” says the company.
The emoze service results from proprietary, in-house technology that achieves “dramatically enhanced” performance on both message delivery/sync and push management. The big plus is that synchronisation occurs only on incoming and outgoing events, rather than BlackBerry’s periodic connections to check for changes at the email server.
It will work with Microsoft Outlook and POP3 email services such as Hotmail, Yahoo! and Gmail. In the near future emoze will also be available for corporate mail servers (Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes Domino), and Emblaze is promising to support Palm devices and Linux platforms soon.
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