It’s All Kicked Off Again

The football season’s here again, and it took us by surprise. So dry your eyes as the Mobile Business Fantasy Football League is back.

By signing up to the Mobile Business Magazine Fantasy Football league, you can become part of the football management scene (million pound salary not included).

The Web Monkeys in the Mobile Business Magazine basement have created a private fantasy football league over on the official website of the English Premiership.

Simply visit the fantasy football home page and follow these simple steps:

1) Click on Register

2) Enter all your relevant details

3)  Choose your Team Name (when deciding what to call your team, try and involve your Company Name to show who you are in the league at a glance)

4) Choose your strip colours. Here’s your chance to be creative, choose the colour of the sleeves, stripes, shorts and socks.  

5) Choose your squad. From the players listed, choose a squad of 15 using your budget of £100 million. Then enter your team.

6) Once done, click on ‘Leagues’ on the right and enter the Mobile Business Magazine code into the ‘Join Private League’ section. (If you were in last year’s league, you should automatically be signed up to this year).

 Private League Join Code:


the fantasy football home page

Now you’re in with a chance to thoroughly thrash your industry rivals along with being in the pot for various prizes at the end of the season.  

We’ve even created a special forum where you can talk tactics, boast about victories, and complain about the ref. 


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