Jag Communications

says it is struggling to honour customer warranties on BenQ Siemens phones, following the recent insolvency of the handset company in Europe. 
Over the last month the company has rapidly built up a stock pile of faulty BenQ phones. None of the major repair centres will take warranty repairs on them; Siemens also confirmed it would not honour any warranty repairs when approached directly.

“This is the first time in almost 20 years in the business that I have known a manufacturer of any size to disappear without some kind of strategy to support customers!” said John George, Jag’s Managing Director.

BenQ has apparently offered cover for BenQ /Siemens phones still in warranty “at least until December 31, 2006”. Jag says this still leaves 1,500 of its customers with phones that are still in warranty but face a doubtful level of support next year.

It’s not just warranties that are causing Jag worries; the company has around 150 BenQ Siemens branded handsets in stock. These are rapidly losing value as the level of after-sales support becomes questionable.

Said John George: “The equipment was purchased as Orange branded stock. I assume in the same way the customer expects our support, we in turn can expect Orange to support us.”

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