JAG kicks off over Moto Rep’s “insult”

Jag Communications has banned Motorola field sales staff from any of its 81 outlets.

This results from the news that a former Jag employee who had moved to Motorola as a field rep was making “negative comments” about his old company when visiting Jag stores.

“I was really unhappy to learn of this situation,” said Jag MD John George. “I really don’t want to hear of people being invited in to our shops, only to be rude about our company and demoralise our staff.”

He raised the situation with Motorola but was not satisfied with its response: “We didn’t seem to be taken seriously by them [Motorola] … In the end I took the difficult decision to tell them we didn’t want their representatives in our stores any longer. We have had a relationship with Motorola since 1990 – right from Jag’s start – so it really is a shame that it came to this.

“It’s not an action I took lightly.”

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