James has taken the time to find out exactly how our business works and has tailored a whole service to meet the needs of our clients. 

Every detail  is covered, even  down to organising product training for our handlers!  All in all, JT is like a colleague rather than a supplier …
Jason Morrison,  Powerplay Direct

 Q What was your first paid employment? What did you spend your first pay-packet on? Freelance car washing! I honestly can’t remember what I did with the money, but given my age it was probably computer games for the Commodore 64.

Q How long have you worked for Data Select? 18 months. I was asked to come for an interview by an ex-colleague who had joined Data Select a year or so before.

Q What is the best aspect of your job? The variety and constant change in the industry always keeps thing interesting.

Q And what is the worst? Struggling into work on the M4 every day.

Q What will you do next? And what’s your ultimate ambition? Not sure, but I aim to retire before 50!

Q Suggest a sales incentive that would work for you. One where sales people earn points for prizes, based on personal performance – the more effort/results the better the prize. Why? Because it rewards the strongest whilst encouraging the individual to aim higher.

Q And what’s the best sales incentive you’ve won so far? The best ones are those that allow you to do things you wouldn’t normally do, like sporting events and days out. The best one I have won so far was a trip on the Orient Express.

Q Your home is on fire and you can rescue only one thing. What is it? A 42in Sony Bravia TV. Football is great on it!

Q What’s the first record or CD you bought? Michael Jackson, ‘Bad’

Q Are you still listening to it?  Occasionally. My cat dances to it!

Q What’s the last music you bought?  Snow Patrol.

Q If you could change anything about the mobile industry and your role in it, what would it be and why? It’s a great industry with innovative new products and good people; it’s very competitive and fast-paced. I can’t say I’d change much.

Q Cats or dogs? I have both and can’t choose a favourite … ok, the dog. She doesn’t bring home live pigeons.

Q Nokia or Motorola? Sony Ericsson, but Motorola if I’m forced to choose.

Q If you were a mobile phone, which would you be and why? XDA Exec, because I’m smart and packed full of features!

Q You’re designing a mobile handset for the future. What functions would it have and why? A ‘freeze time’ button so I can make the weekends longer!

Q What ringtone do you currently use?  I have the 24 CTU tone.

Q If you were a ringtone, what would you be and why? I have no ambition to be a ringtone!

Q Who inspires you and why? Account managers at rival distributors! Keeping one step ahead and getting the biggest share of business is always my favourite pasttime …

Q What do you think about being awarded DM of the month? It’s great to be nominated. It’s hard work to keep ahead in this industry and a little recognition makes it feel worth it.


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