Jetski-ing Dealer Rescued

Mobile Phone dealer Justin Humphrey ran into trouble on Monday night, three days into his chairty jetski marathon around the British Isles, forcing a daring rescue by the RNLI.
Justin’s JetSki Charity Challenge is raising money for the RNLI, but he soon found himself needing their help.

Frinton-on-Sea-based dealer Justin Humphrey started his jetski-pade at mid-day on Saturday, but encountered problems on Monday night north of Stonehaven, near Aberdeen, Scotland.

Justin contacted the coastguard at 19:25 forcing the launch of an RNLI lifeboat and an inshore rescue boat.

Justin said: "My GPS went down and it was pretty rough and misty. I had no option but to call out the lifeboat.

"They arrived within about half an hour. I was confident they would find me because they could home in on my radio. There is also a vehicle tracker on my jet ski and lots of people know my movements via the internet."

The coast guard said visibility was down to 60ft.

 "A jet skier contacted us on his marine radio saying he was OK but was lost in extremely thick fog.

"We took bearings from him and picked him up about an hour later.

Justin said he will now consider travelling from Inverness to Fort William by car rather than risking the seas around the far north of Scotland.

"I don’t want to die doing this," he said.

His arrival back in Frinton will be on Saturday 28th July where a celebration party is planned.
Justin comments “It does seem pretty ironic that I had to be picked up by one of the charities that I’m raising money for. But it highlights what a great job they do and how vitally important they are.  The guys were tremendous and I think they were pretty impressed that someone was going out of their way to raise money for them.” “This incident has made me more determined than ever than to complete this challenge, not only for me, but for everyone else.”
Justin is looking for sponsorship from every area he visits..  He adds “After this recent experience it makes the issue of raising money even more important.  Wouldn’t it be great if every area I called in on took it to heart and raise money for these great causes?  I’ll take any support I can get; it doesn’t have to be ‘stupid money’ and everything raised does and will make a difference.”

Justin can be tracked on his journey at

You can also donate by texting ‘jet’ to 88818.

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