KEEP IT SIMPLE – Uniting mobile internet services

KEEP IT SIMPLE – Uniting mobile internet services

Guenter H. Krauss

Guenter H. Krauss, general manager, NeuStar

Over the last few months, we’ve heard increasing noise around the phenomenon that is social networking, particularly sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Flickr to name a few.

Mobile has played a key role, with many social networking sites taking their offerings onto the mobile. Facebook mobile has over four million daily active users. Twitter won’t disclose numbers but its meteoric growth has been monitored in daily newspapers across the globe. Flickr is also increasing its mobile users.

Yet these services and applications aren’t mutually exclusive. Users log into their profile on one social network from their mobile, and communicate with friends on instant messenger (IM). They may then log into another social network, edit their profile, upload several pictures and log out. And then log into another social network. And another. While this access on the go is still more convenient than being only able to access social networks from a PC, it’s still not perfect. As the number of social networks and online communities accessible by mobile continues to grow, the challenge to connect all of these various services together becomes even more important.


once you’ve completed the initial backup of information, only additions, modifications or deletions are transferred to your backed up information. This makes it quicker and easier to keep your data protected, which is excellent for users with a lot of data on their phones such as videos or an extensive music library.

You can also manage your phone content from any web browser, uploading phone data directly to contact sharing sites like Facebook, YouTube and Flickr.


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As Cellesync is fully integrated with Cellebrite’s point of sale products, the app assures immediate service activation that they argue achieves adoption and usage at a much higher rate than other OTA solutions.

So, most importantly, how do you retrieve your data if the unthinkable happens? Well, it’s pretty straight forward; go to your retailer for a replacement handset. They’ll either be able to transfer your data onto the new handset or you can send a link from the new handset to a secure web portal and have your content delivered automatically.

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