Kid locator for worried parents

What is claimed to be the world’s first GPS based child safety device is now available in the UK. i-Kids features a one-touch emergency button and GPS functionality to help relieve parents’ anxieties without limiting their child’s independence.

The panic button automatically speed-dials four pre-programmed numbers in sequence until the child’s alert is answered; if it isn’t, the call is diverted to the i-Kids service desk where a trained operator can offer assistance.

The unique GPS functionality means a parent can locate their child in seconds by carrying out a real time trace using their own mobile phone or PC. The i-Kids GPS feature will also alert parents by text message when their child moves out of pre-set safety zones, such as the local playground or their bus journey to school.

Children can receive text messages and calls from parents on their i-Kids device, but they cannot make calls or send texts.

mobiles2go is the company promoting the device in the UK. Its CEO Mark Gullickson said: “There is a fine balance between keeping your child safe while gradually introducing the freedom and responsibility they need to enjoy a healthy and happy childhood. Kids has already proven a very popular solution to this parental predicament in Australia, Netherlands, Germany, South Africa and Korea, by giving children the ability to communicate safely, with security features that give parents peace of mind.”

Info from the website at It will be priced at £99.99, plus a monthly tariff of £15.75 on an 18 month contract.

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