Kids and mobiles, by Ofcom

Ofcom has published the results of detailed research to assess the extent of children’s media literacy in the UK.
Over 1,500 children aged 8 to 15 and their parents were interviewed for the project. Key findings from the mobile phone section:
• Two-thirds (65%) of children aged 8-15 own a mobile phone – 49% of 8-11s and 82% of 12-15s. There is a sharp increase in ownership between the age of 10 (40% owning a mobile) and 11 (78% owning a mobile).
• Children aged 8-15 with a mobile made an average of eight calls and sent 25 text messages per week. The average for 8-11s is 6 calls and 16 text messages, and an average of 9 calls and 31 text messages for 12-15s  
• Some 15% of 8-11s and 42% of 12-15s are solely responsible for paying their own mobile phone bill.
• Estimates from parents of children aged 8-15 with mobile phones put the average monthly spend at £10.50 per month. Amongst 8-11s the average spend does not vary to any significant extent, but 12-15 year old girls are estimated to spend significantly more than boys in that age group – £12.60pm against £10.20.
• The top two reasons for having a mobile phone differ significantly by gender, with girls aged 12-15 being more likely to have a phone to keep in touch with friends and boys more likely to have a phone to keep in touch with family.
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