“Killer” Walkman coming soon

Sony Ericsson will look to extend its recent run of good form in the market early next year with the launch of a ‘killer’ ultra-slim Walkman phone.
The new handset, dubbed Ai, is slated to launch in March. It follows in the footsteps of Motorola’s stunningly successful RAZR handset, which has spawned countless copycat devices and inspired a new slim-line category of mobile phones. Samsung launched a slew of slimmers in the summer, which have boosted its sales.

The candy-bar Ai handset, named after Japanese tennis player Ai Sugiyama and presumably referencing artificial intelligence, will measure 9.4mm in thickness and come in black and silver, according to news reports and online blogger forums.

Sony Ericsson is ranked as number two in the UK for October, and expects to run Nokia close over the Christmas period.

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