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I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Kirsty Meekings … As a company we have found her to be professional, courteous and prompt when dealing with our orders and or queries, she keeps up constantly informed of any offers available and more importantly I regard her as a friend, she often calls for a chat or just to see how my weekend went.

Dan Rhodes, The Fone Home

Q    What was your first paid employment?
Working on a stud farm. I spent my first pay packet on a whip …

Q    How long have you worked for Live Telecoms?
A year I saw the job advertised on the Live Telecoms website.

Q    What is the best aspect of your job?
Looking after my customers and making friends.

Q    And what is the worst?

You’re only allowed into the office between 9am and 6pm.

Q    What will you do next? Who knows?
I just take each day as it comes to me!

Q    Your home is on fire and you can rescue only one thing. What is it?
My pet rabbit! Because i love him!!!

Q    What’s the first record or CD you bought?
Kim Wilde, and no I haven’t listened to it for about 16 years! The most recent one was Club Anthems 2007.

Q    Suggest a sales incentive that would work for you?
A company night out at Movida.

Q    What ringtones do you currently use?
Armand Van Helden, My,My,My.

Q    Cats or dogs?

Q    Marmalade or Marmite?
My mate Marmite.

Q    Chelsea or not?
Definitely not, no offence to all you Chelsea supporters. But it’s Arsenal all the way for me! Come on you gunners!!

Q    If you were a mobile phone, which would you be and why?
Nokia N95, because everyone wants a piece of it!

Q    You’re designing a mobile handset for the future. What functions would it have and why?
Something I could use to pause time so I can cause mischief.

Q    What’s the question you are asked most often in the average working week?
How can I set up an account with you?

Q    What keeps you awake at night?
To be honest, not a lot keeps me awake!

Q    Have a drink – what’s it to be?
Vodka and Red Bull.

Q    What’s your favourite restaurant dish?
And what’s your favourite back at home? Mussels out, tuna salad in.

Q    Would you watch TV on your mobile?
Would you pay for it? No, and I certainly wouldn’t pay for it.

Q    Which handset maker would you like to have shares in?
Whoever’s the market leader!

Q    If you could change anything about the mobile industry and your role in it, what would it be and why?
I’d get rid of all the haters!

Q    Who should play you in the movie of your life?
Lucy Davis, ie Dawn from The Office.

Q    Who inspires you and why?
My bloke – love your woman defend your country!

Q    And finally – what do you think about being awarded DM of the month?
I’m extremely proud as I know I was nominated on merit.

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