LG Chocoholics – KE800

LG announced a major update to their famous Chocolate phone lineup featuring a serious face-lift and a heavy improvement of the available equipment.

The new LG KE800 takes care of some the drawbacks the original LG Chocolate has in terms of functionality. This new baby would come armed with a spanking new 2 megapixel camera complete with auto focus and it doesn’t nearly end here.

The new LG Chocolate Platinum, produced under the designation KE800, would feature tri-band GSM/GPRS support, stereo Bluetooth support, FM radio and a microSD card slot. The internal memory would be 60 MB, about the same as in the original KG800 Chocolate.

It lacks 3G of course, but if you are into 3G, you might as well pick up LG KU800, which is the 3G version of the original Chocolate phone that is to available by Christmas from Vodafone.

The Platinum version boasts not only updated equipment but also a total body change. The handset would be a tad larger than the original Chocolate phone but it would most surely compensate for that drawback since it boasts a TFT display with a QVGA resolution (240×320 pixels, as well as a boosted battery life of up to 270 hours stand-by time.

The LG Chocolate Platinum is expected to follow up the success of its predecessor, which has almost 3 million sold worldwide.

In Europe LG would offer KE800 Platinum only in black and silver color combination, while in Korea the CDMA version of the KE800 would be offered in black with gold trimming.

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