LG Develops Tactile Feedback

LG are currently developing a DMB mobile phone which allows mobileTV users to feel broadcasts as well as seeing and hearing them, bringing a whole new dimension to watching TV on the move.
The new phones will behave much like the force feedback of a games console, causing the phone to vibrate when a shot hits the net in a football game or a car hits the wall in a TV drama.

"We have developed new mobile phone technology which adds the sense of touch to the traditional modes of sight and hearing," said LG Electronics spokesman Song Keun-Young.

"If a bomb explodes in an action movie, light-emitting diodes blink in tune with the audio-visual content, on display in three dimensions," Song said.

The models will carry terrestrial digital multimedia broadcasting (DMB), which provides clear video, high-quality audio and data through handheld devices or terminals in cars.

LG plan to market new models which offer 3D and sensing technology some time next year, after they have secured content.

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