LG P7200

This one is a bit of a curate’s egg. At a time when LG’s styling department is coming up with sleek and stylish offerings like the U880, this one looks like the first try of a design novice with an interest in military vehicles. But under the hood is a good phone; we liked the 2mp camera with autofocus, and the N90-style twist-and-swivel screen is bright and sharp. The MP3 player is pretty good, too – equalizer, shuffle, loud loudspeaker (though the headphones supplied are down the usual standard). At least you get dedicated music keys on the front so that the music player can be used when closed. You get 64Mb internal memory plus a MicroSD card slot – no memory card in the review unit, though.
Downsides? The keypad could be better – too many symbols on poorly differentiated keytops. Battery life is poor. Some operations seem to take forever, especially the camera functions (trying to autofocus on a moving object was well nigh impossible, and it takes a while to process one pic before you’re allowed to take another).

• Could do better.


Length 96mm
Width 50mm
Depth 17mm
Main display
TFT, 256K colours
176 x 220 pixels
External VGA display
2mp, 1600×1200
pixels, autofocus,
video, flash
Bluetooth, USB,
Standby 100h
Talk time 2h


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