LG Prada

Following on from the announcement that LG and Prada were to team up and make a new handset, pictures have surfaced of the new phone from the iF design awards.

Look familiar?

The LG KE850, also known as the "Prada phone" has a large touchscreen display and strikingly resembles the recently announced Apple iPhone.

Nothing much has been released about the technical specifications of the new KE850, but some leaked photos of the interface look quite similar to what we have seen on the Apple iPhone presentation last week.
Here is the short presentation of the LG KE850 from the iF design award web site…

Featuring a streamlined display with "concealed" keypad, the KE 850 clearly differentiates itself from all other existing products on the market. The "buttons" on the 3-inch touch screen are operated by touching the LCD screen directly with your finger.

To create a sense of luxury, we used a leather case to contrast with the high glossy black and metal texture deco. Duplicate injection technology was used for the display screen, and the body deploys glass fiber to reinforce the strength.
The phone will come shipped with a jet-black Prada branded OS instead of the blue one pictured.
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