LG’s Oompa Loompa’s Do it Again

LG must have Willy Wonka heading up the development team as they announce another chocolate phone, continuing the Korean manufacturer’s line of super stylish handsets.

As LG’s Chocolate phone continues to command more sex-appeal than Pamela Anderson in latex, they are hot-to-trot with their latest offering, the KG810.

Like the sliding KG800, the 810 boasts heat sensitive buttons and a stunning glossy translucent black colouring, however this time it’s a clam shell offering.

It’s much sexier than Motorolas RAZR offerings have been so far, but doesn’t amaze on the technology front, boasting only a 1.3 mp camera and no card slot. However it looks gorgeous and is sure to be a hit amongst the RAZR and indeed clamshell fans, who have had little to smile about for a while now.

The screens are as impressive as the 800; TFT, 256K colors, 176 x 220 pixels, plus a separate external display at 65K colours. The camera handles video recording and it plays MP3’s, but unfortunately with only 128 MB of shared capacity, you would struggle to replace your ipod or create a feature film.

For fashion fans however, it’s a hit whatever which you look at it, and with Bluetooth and a reasonable battery life it’s as practical as it is pretty.

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