LifeMaxx reduces SAR

SAR tests conducted during March 2008 prove that LifeMaxx, the clever stick-on disc for your mobile phone or other electrical devices, can dramatically reduce the amount of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) from mobile phones absorbed by the human body.

Tests conducted using a Nokia 6230i at 1800MHz showed a 60 to 70% reduction in SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) levels when the phone was equipped with a 22mm LifeMaxx disc.

The tests were conducted by RFI Global Services (, a leading provider of 2G (GSM), 2.5G (GPRS and EDGE) and 3G (W-CDMA) testing and development services to the mobile phone industry.  RFI was one of the first independent labs in the world to achieve accreditation for SAR testing services in regard to human exposure to emissions from mobile phones.

LifeMaxx has been developed to alleviate the affects of EMR from wireless equipment such as mobile and cordless phones, laptops and Wi-Fi equipment and are being imported exclusively by Karameg Ltd who are now seeking trade distributors to promote the products to the retail channel.

LifeMaxx discs are internationally patented 12mm and 22mm devices that produce identical, but opposite, waves to those produced by the wireless device being used.  The compensating wave is rotated 180° and becomes out-of-phase with the original wave and radiation is thus compensated.  The result is that the device functions normally yet the affects of the EMR are greatly reduced, as validated by the reduced SAR levels.


These conclusive results confirm the findings of recent thermographic analysis undertaken at the Centre of Applied Wave Mechanics in Paris.  The images below show the thermal affects of a subject after using a mobile phone for just 5 minutes and the corresponding reduction in thermal affect when a LifeMaxx disc is attached. 

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